Twitter Referrals

Correlating referral traffic to tweets is challenging because Twitter strips all useful referrer data when people click on links in tweets. However, Plausible makes the best effort to find the relevant tweet that the visitor came from using the Twitter API.

Here's an example where we see which tweets are driving traffic to the website

As you can see, most links that were clicked in Twitter can be tied to a specific tweet where that link appears. This works most of the time, but not always:

  • The Twitter Search API only shows tweets from the last 7 days. When you get traffic from tweets that were posted more than a week ago, Plausible might not be able to find them. This is why some links don't have a tweet associated with them in the screenshot

  • When you share the exact same link in multiple tweets, Twitter reuses the same shortened link. In this case, Plausible is not able to narrow the visitor down to a specific tweet. Instead, we show all the tweets that contain the link.

To avoid the problem of links appearing in multiple tweets, you can force Twitter to generate a new short link each time you tweet out a link. Just adding a random query param e.g. will force Twitter to generate a new, unique link for it.