Google Search Console integration

In 2012, Google stopped including search terms in the Referer header when people click through a Google search. This means that Plausible cannot automatically access search terms that lead to your website.

However, you can still access your search terms by setting up your website on Google Search Console. Once you’ve done that, you can enable the integration in Plausible to get all of your important stats under one roof.

We don’t yet have an integration with Bing Webmaster Tools yet. You can track the status of the integration here

1. Add your site on the Search Console

‌Head over to Google Search Console and hit ‘Start now’. If you don’t have any sites already set up on Google Search Console, you will be taken straight to the form to add a new domain. Otherwise you can open the dropdown on the top left and select Add property.

‌ Enter the url of your site the following format:

‌NB: The integration will only work if you select the URL prefix option and enter the domain with https , leaving out www.

‌ 2. Verify ownership

‌You should see a number of options to verify to Google that you do indeed own this website. You’ll either need to be able to add HTML to your site or alternatively you can add a DNS record to verify your ownership.

‌Follow the provided instructions depending on which verification method you’ve chosen. Once you’ve successfully verified the site, head over to Plausible again.

‌ 3. Allow Plausible to access your Search Console

‌The next step is to open the settings for your website on Plausible. Scroll down to the section called Google Integration:

‌Hitting Continue with Google will take you through Google’s authentication flow to get the necessary permissions. You might notice that we also get the associated email address, this is because some users have multiple Google accounts and it’s useful to remember which one is integrated with the Plausible site.

‌Next up, you should see a confirmation that the integration is enabled

Congrats! Hit the link to see your search keywords coming through from Google Search Console to Plausible.


‌If instead of a green check mark, you see a red X and an error message, this means that Plausible does not have access to the search keywords for your site. The most common problems that might cause this are:

  1. Creating a domain property in Google Search Console instead of a URL prefix property. Plausible doesn’t currently work with domain properties because they aggregate keywords from all subdomains of a site, whereas Plausible sees different subdomains as effectively different websites.

  2. Including www in your domain property on the Search Console.

  3. Starting your domain with http instead of https in Search Console.