Exclude yourself from analytics

By default Plausible tracks every visitor on your website. When testing the site, you might not want to record your own visits and pageviews as they're not genuine.

Most analytics tools do this by excluding traffic from a certain IP address. However, we don't want to store the visitors' IP addresses in our database for privacy reasons. Instead, you can use any standard script-blocking browser extension to filter out your own traffic.

1. Install a blocker

To block your own pageviews, start by downloading a standard ad-blocking browser extension. This method has been tested with Adblock Plus, AdBlock and uBlock Origin. For this guide, we'll work with Adblock Plus.

2. Locate the manual filter list

  1. Click the Adblock Plus icon and then click the gear icon in the upper-right corner. The Adblock Plus Settings tab opens.

  2. Select the Advanced tab and scroll to the Create and edit your filter list section.

  3. Click Start creating my filter list.

3. Block the Plausible script on your domain

Enter the following rule in the box. Remember to change example-domain.com to your website's domain.


If you want to block Plausible on multiple domains, you can use the | separator to enumerate the domains:


Once you've entered the correct filter, click save and return to your website.

4. Ensure it works

You can test your filter by

  • Reloading the page mutliple times and making sure that the total pageviews number does not increase. This isn't very reliable if there are other people using the site simultaneously.

  • Opening the browser inspector, and ensuring that the script is blocked in the network tab