Community integrations

Thanks to the members of our community, there are now Plausible Analytics integrations for:

  • GatsbyJS: A Gatsby plugin for adding Plausible Analytics to your Gatsby site. Built and maintained by Curtis Cummings of

  • React: Plausible Analytics as a React component. Built and maintained by Resynth of

  • WordPress: Check out our WordPress integration page for full details on Plausible Analytics WordPress community plugins and other ways to integrate Plausible Analytics with your WordPress site.

  • Ghost: Integrate Ghost with Plausible Analytics using a straightforward code injection.

  • Integrate with Plausible Analytics using a plugin. You can add it under Find Plug-ins in and then use the Settings button to configure it for your Plausible Analytics account. Built and maintained by Lukas Rosenstock. Here's the source code.

  • Drupal: A Drupal module for Plausible Analytics. Allows you to ignore tracking on certain pages and by certain user roles. Built and maintained by Dane Rossenrode of Touchdreams.

  • Bridgetown: A Liquid tag to add Plausible Analytics to your Bridgetown site. Built and maintained by Andrew Mason. Here's the source code.

  • Hugo : A theme component to add Plausible Analytics & custom goals to your Hugo site. Allows you to ignore tracking on certain pages. Built and maintained by Divinerites. Here's the source code

  • AUR package for Arch Linux : Start it using systemctl start plausible, enable it at boot with systemctl enable plausible and change the environment variables by editing /etc/plausible.conf. Built and maintained by Rhys Perry.

Let us know about any other integrations that you've built and we will feature them. Thanks for your support!