Getting started

This is the documentation for Plausible, a simple web analytics tool.

1. Create an account

To use Plausible, you need to register an account at We’ll send you an email to verify your email address. You can proceed to the next steps once this is done.

2. Add site details

Once you have an account, you can enter the domain of the website you want to track. Please, remove http and www from the url, just keep the hostname.

For example, if your site is then the part to enter is

If you would like to track a subdomain e.g. then please include the subdomain as well. Plausible essentially sees different subdomains as different sites.

3. Add the Plausible script to your website

To integrate your website with Plausible, you need to be able to update the HTML code of the website you want to track. If you don’t know how to do that, please get in touch and we can help you with this stage.

After you’ve added your site details and added the plausible script to the HTML of the website, you should see the script installed on your site. You can verify this by viewing the HTML of your website in the browser.

If you're using Google Chrome for example, click on View -> Developer -> Inspect Elements then press cmd+f for mac or ctrl+f for windows and type plausible. If you followed the previous steps correctly, you should see the following snippet in the console

4. Verify the integration is working

After you’ve added the script on your website, it’s time to verify that the integration is working.

You should see a blinking green dot which indicates that we’re listening for incoming pageviews in real time. Once the first pageview comes through, you’ll be taken to the stats page. This is an indication that the integration is working, congrats!

If you didn’t see the green blinking dot, there’s nothing to worry about. It just means that someone visited the site before you could test it. If you see graphs and numbers, it means everything is working!